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5 Best Affordable Drugstore Lip Glosses

Hello Reader,

Fashion is just like a husband....always picking up old habits 😜😜😜😜😜😜

Lip glosses are now back in trend and how. There was a rage for matte lipsticks/transfer proof lipsticks for past couple of years . And now every brand we know of is coming up with their lip topper / gloss/ plumping gloss.

It  started all in  80' when in films actresses used to wear bright glossy lipsticks which mimicked fuller lips.

And years later just like that we are obsessing over glossy lipsticks /glosses.

Here are few of my picks in the pocket friendly category.

LΓ³real Infallible Lip Gloss

This has to be my first pick as its the most amazing formula with such a reasonable price.( not sure the revised price)the packaging is simple and clean and looks quite chic . All the shades have black cap with sheer tube so you see the product.

According to me its USP is its unique wand which makes it stand out from the league.

What i absolutely love about this is the fact that its product quality is so amazing and gives a very high end finish and a lot of thought process has gone into the deigning and determining the color range too.

Loved the little details like the clear bottle with a black cap which gives it a very clean and classy look.

As i have mentioned earlier the wand is the USP according to me.

It has been designed to sit on your lips comfortably and gives a even distribution of pigment.

I honestly don't even use  a mirror while applying this lip gloss.

The wand is indeed a clever design.

This shade 505 "never let me go"is so amazing on its own and definitely works well as topper too and according to me is a very close dupe of "Jouer Cosmetics Maui"

It has very fine glitter particles very fine doesn't feel gritty but gives ultra shine. The gloss itself is a bit on a oily side not tacky at all.

                                               (LΓ³real Infallible Lip Gloss on its own on bare skin)

RRP:- $19.22

Amazon Link:-


Street wear Lip Gloss is another one which is super amazing , extremely inexpensive and super high quality.
If I am not wrong Street Wear Cosmetics is owned by Revlon India and its specific to Indian Market.

Beautiful finish and luster , non sticky , quite strong pigments.


The finish of the gloss is quite decent for the price point of view. In the pic here i have applied it on bare lips to just give you an idea of how intense it is. It would be great as topper too.

Love it !!!!!!

The shade i am wearing here is "Party Melon- 6". It has a mild scent to it does go off after a while, but initially it will be there. So if you are someone who doesn't like perfumes in the lip product then you might have to think.

As i mentioned its only meant for Indian market but if you ever get a hold on it once try it.

RRP:- 170 i.e USD2.47



Rimmel Prococalips another budget friendly for glossy lips.

This is just an all rounder and works perfect for your on the go solutions.

It has a beautiful double ended liquid lipstick with liquid pigment with matte effect on one side and gloss on the other end.

There are beautiful shades ranges from Nudes to Bright ones too.

The applicator is decent nothing fancy about it. Proper distribution of the color and as its a liquid matte you still get lot of time to work with it. It doesn't dry down quick.

The other end has the gloss , both the applicator are similar / same.

One shown in the above pic is the is the old packaging.

RRP 18.95 (not so affordable , but can wait for sale time. I did the same 😜😜)


L'oreal Color Riche Gloss

 I am really not sure if this one is still in the shelves or if L'oreal have discontinued them.

Shade Number 500 (Molto Mauve)

But i got this more than 6 months back at  Priceline clearance sale. I have tried their matte range too , back at home India and they are absolutely gorgeous. And this gloss stole my heart.

When i bought this one its was spring last year and it didn't suite my skin tone ,,,but the color is so beautiful that i had to take it. This winter i have started trying the glosses out and this one has been one i am reaching out the most lately.

Beautiful texture very  balm like but not tacky at all. The wand is very generic, distributes the gloss well....

But the finish is to die for. In the below picture i have applied the gloss on my bare lips.


Its a beautiful nude mauve for Brown/Olive/Dusky skin tone. I am loving it on me, give the lips more plumper look. I am going to look for more brighter color if possible

RRP:- USD 14 (as per internet search).


And have saved the Best and Economical one for Last.

Its the new Essence Plumping Lip Gloss

The shade i got is more nude and is such a beautiful  everyday gloss its surprising its marked price is so so minimal.

                           shade name:- 07 So Heavy

It does what it is advertised as "Plumping Lip Gloss".  its does gives a tingling feeling once you apply on lips. And few minutes into it you will feel the sensation and probably a minute or two later you can see the plumping effect.

You might  need to re- apply depending on what you are aiming for.

Definitely doesn't gives a BOTOX effect but is decent enough for the price.

The texture is not tacky but feels like a balm. Does stay on lips for decent amount of time without any touch ups.

I am super impressed by it, also in the picture above wearing the gloss on its own to show you the actual color. The  color i picked is the darkest in the whole range. It may be looking like a clear gloss because of my skin tone , but might look mauvey on more lighter skin .

So there you have my best 5 drugstore lip glosses which are just so amazing and is easy on pocket too.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Best Urban Chic Jewelry ------- Lovisa

Hello Reader,

Its confession time!!

I have a serious addiction for ""Earrings"", yes i DO 😒😒😒😒😒😒

And I LOVE IT 😘😘😘

From the time i have moved to Australia one brand that i am dedicated to is Lovisa

Am a big hoarder for funky/urban / unusual earrings and hair accessories and this brand is Oh so amazing in all of that.

Here are few of my recent favorites to show the diverse designs this brand has got.



Maybe i am going to add few more in coming months.

Also their Sale is ON!!! so hurry up.

See you soon, with a new post.

🀟 Ritika

Monday, 15 July 2019

Women Eau De Parfum by Ralph Lauren

Dear Reader!

This is my first post here about my recent obsession .

Like many women i do like nice dress , makeup and jewelry. But one thing that is currently surpassing all the others is "Perfume". I just love perfumes , perfume oils and deodorants .

I like to smell beautiful fragrances and like to smell good myself too.

Ralph Lauren are in the industry since 1968 and are known for their beautiful clothing line , accessories and others .

Woman fragrance was launched in 2017 and was introduced as floral fragrance for woman.

                                                       Pic Credit:- Sunday Meena Bazar

Let me quickly tell you the breakdown of the perfume.

It starts with a fresh berries and then gradually moves into the floral accord and woody notes.

Personally i have tried it in winter only so far but after using it i am sure that i may not be able to use it in summer that much. Its just my preference. But the first spray right away gives you this blueberries / berries freshness

It is quite a potent and heavy scent at the first spray but does softens over time .It doesn't have a great projection but is noticeable if you will have close encounters. Meant for a confidant and strong woman. It is a mature scent probably best suited for women between 25 to 35 years.

Sillage is moderate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Longevity on skin is moderate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


The bottle has quite simplistic design and the entire gold packaging gives it quite a regal look.
Its cap is the most interesting one for me at least. And the initials of Ralph Lauren  i.e RL is engraved on the cap and on the top .The dispenser is good .

Closest Clone:-

Not entirely similar but to some extent Ïssey Miyake Absolue is bit similar when its dried down.
The initial sniff is more fruity in Woman and more Floral in Issey Miyake Absolue.

                                                       pic credit:- Sunday Meena Bazar

Honestly i am loving the beautiful fragrance in this cold and freezing Canberra winter this year.

Perfect for a day and night out.

I hope this post will be of any help for you.

See you soon with a new post!!



Sunday, 17 February 2019

Night time Skin Care !!! Dry-Normal Skin

Hello Peeps!!!

So this is a post after a looooonnnnggggg time.

I am a hoarder of "The Body Shop "products and good thing is they work for me well too.

Just three products and I am sorted :)

So this is a routine I have been following from past year, and it became like a routine in my life.

So after the long day before going to bed I wash my face with The Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser .
I have never seen any cream cleansers wash makeup off so beautifully.

Then I use two drops of Oils of Life facial oil and gently massage it.

Later after 3-4 mins I use  Drops of Youth   night cream and massage it as per the instructions given with the product.

PS:- The SA's also gives you tips on using the night cream.

And I kid you not if you try to follow this you will for sure notice visible difference.

For my lip I have always been using Dior Lip maximizer , but you do what you like.

Also these works best for dry / normal skin.

Hope you like the post and these products works out for you .

(just took this random pic the other night nothing on the face whatsoever )

If you have any amazing products you want me to talk about, kindly let me know.



Friday, 28 October 2016

Best Winter Skin Care Products || Must Haves !!

Hello People!!!

Hope you are all doing great ..... :)

Today I am going to talk about two products which are extremely effective and are excellent for dry and patchy skin in winters.

I have extremely dry and flaky skin. I used all possible creams and masks to hydrate my skin but nothing was working on a long term basis.

If you ask me these two  are super amazing recuse quad for my dry skin.
These two have saved my skin big time last winter and relying on them blindly this winter too.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Mask and the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream are ultimate products for Dr y to Combination skin.

Now i know these are on a pricey side but are worth each penny. These are heavy duty moisturizer and sink in mask.

Lets talk about the Vitamin Intense Moisture Cream first (packaging has changed now) .
Its soft cream which feels light but once applied just gets into the skin. Has a very very mild sent which goes off after 15-20 mins. Extremely hydrating doesn't feel heavy but still your skin will feel something is saving it from dryness.

About the Sink -in Mask. At first i wasn't a big fan because it's quite sticky. Feels uncomfortable. But as i used it for a week the results were absolutely amazing.
There was a glow on my face every morning.
And this is a heavy duty moisturiser to the point. You can just blindly trust on this amazingness.

My skin routine for winters:-
After getting up i was my face with mild soap, apply some​ toner and then used the Vitamin E moisturiser generously.
And before going to bed at night wash your face with water and apply the sink in mask. Since the sinkin mask texture is gel like a little amount of it goes a long way. So don't be generous with this one.

Not that this is anywhere sponsored by The Body Shop ,but honestly there products are just so reliable and authentic and true to their character.

Hope you will use these products for yourself this winter and if you are already using them then let me know your experience. I would love to read them.

Thanks for reading.
Will come with some interesting post soon....Till then Happy Winters ❄❄❄❄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Clinique Mid Season Offer !!!!!

Hello People,

So last week when i was in Sydney for a week, i came across this add which showed all the mid season sale which were going on in Myer's and David Jones.

And Clinique at David Jones were running an offer which said if you spend $60 or more  on any skin product you get a pouch of 5-6 deluxe sample products.

So i got a Clinique for Men Oil control Moisturizer and Facial Toner 2 worth $68 and got a decent delux samples with a pouch.

Well first of all i am super impressed with their sample products.

Lets begin with the Clinique for Men Oil control mattifying Moisturizer ---100ml ($39)

So my husband has severe  acne prone skin and he wanted something that moisturizes and same time should not feel greasy .
His views " quite nice , does moisturize but is not greasy at all.".

His skin being extremely oily any cream gives him acne but I have observed his breakouts are in control from the time he has started using this one.

So guys/boys/men suffering from severe  acne issue hand has extremely oily T-zone area should definitely give it a try.

Second product that i got is the Claryfying Lotion 2 ----200ml ($29). This is specifically for dry/combination skin.
Honestly i am yet to use this one. So will write about it in detail in one of the upcoming post

Now lets talk about the Interesting Stuff the Bonus bag. Super impressed with the deluxe samples. Altogether you get a total of seven sample products which are are of decent size.
Products list :-
1) Liquid facial soap mild
2)dramatically different moisturizing lotion (for very dry to dry combination skin
3)Scupltwear (lift and contour serum for face and neck)
4)Repairwear (sculpting night cream)
5)Long Last soft matte lipstick (shade :- Matte Suede)
6)High impact mascara
7)All about shadow duo (11 nightcap) and blusing blush powder (01 aglow)

Its a pack of the entire skin care routine with an addition of cosmetics products. Can also work as your travel essentials . Great products needless to say....... only drawback was lipstick which was quite lighter shade for me....but is such an amazing product that its a definite buy (but in different shade)
And the pouch is of a very good quality and cute.

Funny that i was more happy for the bonus pouch than the actual products i bought (lol)

Unfortunately i am not able to see the offer valid online,,,but you can try your luck by going to the David Jones Clinique outlet. Accordingly a good bargain :)

Thanks for reading ....will be back next time with something new.

Stay Happy and Beautiful !!!


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo and Rain Forest Nutrition Conditioner | Body Shop Product Review

Hey Y'all pretty people!!

Hope you all are doing great.

Today's review is about one of the very talked about product of TBS and one which is comparatively quite new.

I was not able to rely on the hard anti dandruff shampoo's any more. So i desperately wanted something that was tried and tested and was dependable and TBS product always are ideal as they are paraben free and are used using community trade produce.

Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo is quite talked about for its heavy duty job on dandruff and many people on internet recommend it. So i thought to give it a try since its a TBH product nothing can go wrong.

Packaging:- Comes in a plastic bottle which is quite sturdy and also is travel friendly.

Rain Forest Nutrition Conditioner is a comparatively new than the Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo.
Since the ginger shampoo is a heavy duty scalp cleaner it needed a strong conditioner too. And i hear quite good reviews about this one so i opted for it. You can also try the Banana Conditioner.

Packaging:- Plastic packaging pretty simple nothing fancy.

So i choose these two products to fight the flaky scalp issue i was facing for quite sometime (guess its because of the change of water as i moved from India to Australia)
My Hair type:- Scalp dry,  dry curly hair.

Well i was quite excited about trying out this shampoo which claims to make the scalp clean n fresh. The ingredients does convince you to some extent. However my experience unfortunately was quite opposite to its claim. For some reason its doesn't work for me, after each wash i still see flaky fall outs. And the most unfortunate part is the hair fall. The hair fall has increased tremendously which is insane. Its smells like legit ginger and that's about it.
Not Happy :(

Coming to the conditioner its quite a decent conditioner. But i would still recommend Organix Quenching Plus Curls Conditioner over this one.

Rain Forest Nutrition Conditioner might work with the shampoo from the same line but with Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo it was not able to fulfill its claim.
It does smell quite tropical and mild.The consistency of the product is quite thick and cream like.

Overall not quite impressed with the shampoo at all.

It has not worked for me, but it might have worked for others. So people who have same scalp condition like mine do your research before buying this product.

Hope this review might have helped you guys....

Will be back with an new post soon.

Thank You for reading...

See you soon..


Friday, 9 September 2016

LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss Matte

Hey Lovelies!!!

How are you all!!!

So this review is quite overdue. I have used these new lippies for more than 3 months now. And i was quite lazy to get down with my review , but today i had to write it down.

In India these are available on Flipkart and recently Nykaa also have them on their site now.

They are priced at INR 575 on Nykaa and at Flipkart its at INR 599 (price changed currently)

These lippies are quite raved about on internet and are much loved by many you tubers.

LA girl's concealers are very well known but the lip range is also exciting.

LA Girl Flat Finish Gloss Matte is a liquid lipstick which dries of matte and are highly pigmented.

The two shades I own are Frisky and Black Current.
Frisky is a very beautiful red which has orange tone to it and is such a versatile color which suites every skin tone. Extremely pigmented and long lasting. Quite a crowd pleaser and was very popular among my office colleagues. After seeing this color three of my colleagues ordered the same shade the next day .

Black Current is a dark aubergine color and is quite gothic and looks amazing if you style it well.
I was little over ambitious and was sure I can do justice to the color, however i feel it's not my color. But the color is quite smashing.

Pro's:-   As the name suggests these Flat Finish Pigment are extremely pigmented and are transfer proof. Have wide variety of color range to choose from. Doesn't come off with water and in my case it did survive couple of cups of coffee.

Con's:-   After application it does feel tacky for quite a long time. Every time you press your lips it feels sticky. Pigments in Black Current are not quite smooth as Frisky. You need to layer up the Black Current to get that opaque color.For removal you need a good makeup remover as these tend to stain. It has a strong paint smell so people who are not much on scented lip colors this one may be not for them.

Overall can be a good buy only from the color point of you. However i feel the formula can still be bit better and less tacky and it does effect the whole experience.

Will I re-purchase it??

Maybe or maybe not. Loved the color range but not quite happy with the formula.

Hope this review was helpful for your lovelies ,will be back soon with a new review that i am still testing.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Nail Art !!!

Hello Beautiful People,

Its been months i haven't posted a thing on my blog. I was caught up with my life.

Well i moved to Canberra (Australia) so it took most of my time, settling unpacking and stuff.

So now when i have tiny bit of my time i tried this nail art.

I will be back soon with a review i do have many products to write about.

Till then,
Bye happy weekends in advance :)

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Coloressence Intense Liquid Color Review

Hello People,

I hope you all had amazing weekend, so did I.

Its again a review day!! We will be talking about Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color in shade Candy Orange.
Coloressence is an Indian brand who has their makeup range and have started to export their products to 30 countries like Malaysia , Sri lanka ,Thailand,New Zeal Land ,Canada etc.

So for long i was looking for a brigth in your face orange. For me orange color instantly brightens my face up. So i was looking for a pure Orange color which should e high in pigmentation and my quest came to an end with this little guy here.

Packaging:-   Very unique in the packaging. Eye catchy ,small petite pack which is definitely easy to carry around in your clutch. The pack is of plastic material with a wand like applicator.

Applicator does make the application uniform.

Price:- INR 350 for 8ml

Application:- Now people who doesn't like perfumed lipstick then this one is not for your, as this has very lingering fruity smell. As i mentioned earlier it has a wand applicator which definitely make the life hell lot easier. This shade is a little tricky and need a little more careful application.
The color is a beautiful in your face "ORANGE" color. So its always safe to pick little product first and built it up. Color does stain lips. It will be little sticky for the initial 2-3 seconds and then it starts to dry off completely.

My Experience:- I literally loved the product .The pigments are super intense, application is top class and staying power is really  Good and impressive.
I wore the color till 4-5 hours without touch ups.
It literally is a best liquid non transferable lip color which is an Indian Brand.
I might pick the other colors too :P :P.
And with this pricing it definitely the best liquid lip color available in Indian market.

So the Question!! Is it worth another shot/purchase??
YES without any doubt.
Readers from India its a must try.

This is what it looks like on me .... Note:- A little color  goes long way , so try not put lot at first place. 

Hope this review was useful in some way :)

Will be back soon .....

Much love!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

L'Oreal Color Riche Intense Color Moisture Matte Lipstick - Liquid Color Review

Hello Beautiful People!

Hope all of you are healthy and staying beautiful.

Today i am going to review the latest possession of mine. We are talking about L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense Color Moisture Matte Lipsticks.

Now i picked up two variants from the same range, one in Matte lipstick range and other one liquid matte color.

Colors Shade:- Lincoln Rose        Montaigne Brick

First let's talk about  Matte Lipstick :- Lincoln Rose  which is a bomb color.

Pigmentation A+
Mattifying Effect A +
Staying power A+

I am super impressed with this lipstick honestly. Only shade i was reaching out to during my brother's wedding.
                                                                          Lincoln Rose

Color Payoff:- The pigmentation is exceptionally good according to me. I like color which are spot on with one swipe. And Lincoln Rose is just like that. It is matte color but like doesn't dries off on the lips. It does provide that much of moisture which is needed. Color is very unique as it beautiful peachy pink color with a orange undertone to it. Once applied it immediately lights up the face . Super flattering to my type of skin tone.
Formulation is matte but still it has a bit of moisture which does completely dry off the lips.

It does transfer , but there is trick to that too. Blot a tissue on the lips after applying the color and it can still work as non-transferable lip color.

It does fall under the pricey lipstick category but it's worth every dime.

Second color is the liquid matte color from the same range. Shade name Montage Brick.

 Now this particular lip color's formulation reminds me of  MUA lip color range. They are matte and with amazing formulation. It does claim to be matte however they are quite moisturizing .
Its a nice nude-ish color for my type of skin tone.
Color Payoff is great with one swipe your get the exact color . It is quite transferable and tissue trick might not work here as it may lighten the color.

                                                                         Montage Brick

Again a little pricey but as they say all good things comes with a heavy Price tag.  If you are looking for a absolute knockout color your must try Lincoln Rose shade. "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

So will I buy these babies again......

Lincoln Rose most definitely..... and the liquid lipstick i might try different shade.

Both the shades costed me INR 899.

That's it from now....... will be back soon with a new review .